Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Rajkumar Da – The super hero from Assam 

Too much sanity may be madness. And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be.” 

Rajkumar Thakuria or Selim da from the cult “Terrorist enter my house” is on a mission. The insane titles of his dream ventures such as “writer becomes fighter and criminal hunter” or that of “Animal Hunter” or the more recent “ Super master” proves that he is someone from the outer space. The trash that he churns out and it does appear that he is making these films out of his own expenses; singularly points out that he wants us to accept him as a sort of hero. Well, at least, to an extent, he has succeeded that no matter what the story line is or the D-grade production values of his; there are people who indeed watch his movies. What more, these movies do get uploaded in to YouTube within a short span of time and in no time, it gets a huge following. 

Mr. Rajkumar’s success or “suksesh”( most of the characters in his film use this word) lies in his ability to offer next door guys a chance to act as villains or henchmen of the villains, with toy guns that spew smoke out of nowhere. There’s always a bit of glory in being the villain! His love interest too have an uncanny habit of choosing man who are twice their age. As for the man himself, who is more often dubbed as the Chuck Norris of Assam, his long hair and the protruding stomach along with the dazzling shirts and tight jeans that he wears makes him an unique character. 

The dialogues penned by him will put most of the dialogue writers to shame. At the same time, the music and the lyrics of the song are equally flabbergasting. Other than these, the other aspect that stands out is his dance moves, which makes Dharmendra in comparison to be a great dancer :p

Since he is not in any position to invest a lot on the special effects; he then makes use of the stock footage of Hollywood and Bollywood films, with cars flying around. Yes, at least he gets to bash the terrorist for reel J. As I was going through one of his latest releases” Super master”, I just came across a scene, which happened to be the actual footage from the Boston bombings of 2013. Of course it was sickening; but maybe Mr. Rajkumar da of all people never really knew the significance of that particular footage. 

Superheroes can be brash and they do love to sport their funkier gazettes and their state of the art vehicles. But our very own Rajkumar da, being the simple and honest man who has a lot of issues to tackle makes use of the grand old Maruti 800. 

As long as the likes of Rajkumar Thakuria is there, at least for us in Assam, we don’t really have much to worry. Just waiting eagerly for his next release. 

Till then : Hasta la Vista – Rajkumar da. 


  1. He is the hero that Assam needs and deserves

  2. he is the best!! his surface comedy actually addresses deep social evils. He is the pioneer of spoof in assam. most assamese audience still have to understand slapstick humour.